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What to look for in your Garage Addition Project

Garage additions in Wake Forest NC

Constructing a garage on your house is an ideal way to maximize space and increase its value. Before you start this project, here are some things to consider.

Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials. These include wooden beams, wall studs, double trimmers, and plywood.


A garage addition can significantly increase your home’s value and living space. It can store vehicles, boats, and other items.

The foundation is essential when building a garage or adding to an existing one. This will determine the cost and size of any additions you make.

Before you start any construction, ensure that the building meets Wake County, NC, code requirements. A permit is recommended as it ensures your building’s safety and protects your home’s worth.

A licensed contractor will assist you in obtaining a permit. The homeowner must fill in the permit application. Depending on whether there are exemptions or certificates from Raleigh City Hall or Wake County Historic Development Commission, they will need to draw their addition.

Suppose your property is served by a private well or septic system. In that case, you must obtain approval from Wake County Environmental Services before applying for a permit with the City of Raleigh. Furthermore, ensure the location of any accessory building does not affect or alter setbacks for the wastewater system and its repair area.

Constructing a garage can be an especially complex project, particularly if you plan to add two stories. Your floor should be designed to support the added weight without sagging. This will ensure stability during construction.

Typically, this will involve installing a monolithic concrete slab foundation of several inches in depth. Your contractor can help you choose the right foundation for your particular situation.

To better understand your options, consult a qualified home construction expert in Wake Forest, NC. They can assist you with determining how best to maximize your property’s value and guarantee that any addition meets Raleigh and Wake County building codes.


Add a garage to your Wake Forest, NC, home to maximize its potential. It could be as simple as adding an extension to one level or creating a new room on top of your existing garage.

No matter how large or complex your addition is, there are some essential components that you need to consider when framing it. These are a roof, wall panels, and rafters. Additionally, you will need to run plumbing lines through the space. You also need a hose bib to wash cars and other outdoor gear.

Draw a floor plan and take measurements. Next, draw a diagram that will show how walls will be organized.

You want to choose a fire-resistant and strong material when framing. Steel is a good choice as it has excellent corrosion resistance and other environmental elements.

Concrete is durable and long-lasting because it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials. Concrete installation takes less time than traditional wood frame construction.

Save money and simplify the process by hiring a design-build company to construct your new addition. These full-service firms combine engineers, architects, contractors, and builders into one convenient location.

Before you decide on a design-build company to work with, it is important to research all options thoroughly. Houzz reviews can give you invaluable insight into what to expect before signing any contracts. There are so many options to choose from. It is important to do your research before you make a decision.


Garages are often where people store tools and equipment. However, it can be difficult to organize and keep clean. A garage addition can be a great way to increase storage space and organize your garage.

Garage additions should include walls. They are essential for storage and security. Depending on the garage’s design and structure, walls can either be framed using drywall or masonry.

It is smart to check with the local building department before beginning any construction. These permits help protect your home and guarantee the project is completed safely.

Once you have obtained your permits, you can begin construction. Inspect your property to confirm that its existing structure can support a garage addition; older homes may need structural improvements before construction.

Install a firewall to protect your garage from fire. This will guarantee that smoke, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous gas fumes cannot enter your living space.

Finish your garage with fire-rated drywall. Use it in the ceiling, walls, and any penetrations for electrical conduit. To ensure that these joints are secure, seal or tape them.

Before you install drywall, insulation can be added to your garage walls to help save energy. Insulating your garage walls will prevent heat loss and make it feel warmer.

Pegboard or Slatwall is another option. They can help you organize your garage and reduce clutter. These wall panels can either be hung from a furring strip or attached directly to drywall or masonry studs.

Wake Forest garage addition walls can be customized to suit your individual needs and requirements. They may include cabinets, workspaces, and other functional spaces that will make working in your garage more pleasant. You’ll be able to create a beautiful, functional addition that will last many years by using quality materials and skilled contractors.


Garages are ideal for car storage but can also serve as a location for many useful home projects. You can maximize your return on your investment by customizing your garage.

Garage additions can be used for more than just storing vehicles. They can also be used for other purposes like home theaters, office areas, and game rooms. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to boost the value of your house by adding some much-needed living space without breaking the bank with major renovations.

There are many factors to consider to ensure a garage’s durability and quality. The most important thing is choosing the right materials. Metal garages are generally more cost-effective and visually appealing than wooden ones. The roofing material should also be considered when building your structure.

Researching and carefully considering the right roof for your garage is important. Doing this guarantees the garage addition becomes an invaluable asset to your Wake Forest home.

The best thing about it is that it will be fun and exciting for you and all your family members to participate in. A garage specialist can help you customize your garage to fit your needs. Whether it’s just a simple addition or a massive workshop, Cardinal Buildings’ team is ready to assist you with planning and constructing an eye-catching home improvement project.

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