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How do you feel about your floor? Do you want to change your flooring material? Would you prefer your flooring be more environmentally friendly? Are you looking for something that is easier to clean? These are things you need to consider when deciding on new flooring during your home’s construction or a remodel. By researching your options for flooring material you will be able to find what best suits your needs and wants for your new floor. Which means, of course, that you need to know what you need and what you want from your flooring. Here are some flooring ideas for you to consider.

Rubber Floors

One unique way to go is to get rubber floors. You may think this is a disastrous idea but it is available. This type of flooring is often found in schools because it is very durable and easy to clean. Rec rooms, basements, and kids rooms are the best places to use rubber flooring in your home. The rooms that see the most rough housing are ideal areas for rubber flooring. With very little maintenance, this flooring can withstand quite a bit. If you are trying to give your home a more artistic touch you may want to consider ceramic tile. You will see ceramic tile used most often in the kitchen. In addition to floors these tiles can be found in shower walls, backsplashes and countertops. This option is usually chosen because of it’s ability to be water proof. It does however, have a tendency to scratch easily so you will want to think hard about where you should avoid putting it. Outdoor areas are a great place for ceramic tile because it is durable and will withstand the weather. Ceramic tiles are perfect for bathrooms and showers.


One other idea is vinyl flooring. Some people have confused vinyl with linoleum. Vinyl is usually found in sheets and quite easy to install. More often than not you will find vinyl in the kitchen and baths.

This is because it’s ease of cleaning. Vinyl can be printed to look like hardwoods, tiles and other floor coverings if you look for it. It is also possible to get vinyl that looks just like hardwood flooring without the mess. Finding flooring ideas does not have to be a mind bending experience. Leave the difficulty for the installation process. Having a ton of choices can be overwhelming. You may find that the best way to get what you really want and what fits your lifestyle is to do your research first. After answering these questions you will find narrowing down the choices much easier. Your only worry then will be what furniture to put on top of your floors!


These rugs can be found in a variety of shape and sizes, even as large as the room they are intended for. These are much less expensive than wall to wall carpet and can spice up about any room. If you like to spice up your rooms on a regular basis these are perfect for you. You can move rugs around or get new ones instead of replacing the whole floor!

Another floor covering that is available is the popular laminates. This flooring idea first took hold in Europe but in recent decades has become very popular in the United States as well. Laminates can be developed to mimic any floor covering including tile and hardwoods. These types of floors are easier to install, faster to install, more durable and easier to clean than your average floor coverings. Laminate is a good idea especially if you are going to try to do your home’s remodel all by yourself.

Trying to come up with flooring ideas can be quite a challenge. You will need to do some research to figure out what kind of look you are interested in. Your lifestyle and what you hope to accomplish with your home will also play a part in your flooring choice. The more restrictions you put on your goals for your flooring, such as being environmentally friendly, the fewer choices you will have. Your budget may also limit your number of choices. So the best starting point is to figure out what you can afford.

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