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Suggestions for Container Gardening

Container gardening is not very complicated, as it refers to using any type of box, pot or container for your plants. Growing crops has never been easier, especially when it comes to protecting your plants from infestations of pests that may damage or kill off your crop. The following suggestions can help you make your container garden thrive, whether you’re growing herbs, plants, flowers or vegetables.

Choose the Right Container

You should realize that container gardens heat up very quickly, which means that exposing plants to sunlight during the middle of the day might be too much in some cases. Once the container has absorbed that intense heat; there are not many plants that can endure it.

Do not forget that a plant growing in the soil is protected by the cool earth, but a container is directly exposed to the sun. Your plants require some type of resistance to the sun when it is the most damaging; which would be the latter part of the day. You may consider this aspect when you first put your containers out, and save a lot of undue stress. Just make sure you consider the heat issue when you locate your containers initially.

Get Safety Equipment

If you have a handicap of any sort, or you feel that gardening may be too strenuous for you, container gardening is definitely something that almost everyone can do. For instance, regular gardening is often very strenuous on your body as you have to bend over and kneel down quite a bit to get things done. For some people, depending upon their particular handicap, these types of actions are not possible. Yet with a container garden, there is a great deal of flexibility about where the plants are located. So people with limited mobility will find this very easy to do. People that have limitations or handicaps can do this type of gardening without having to move in a way that is uncomfortable or impossible for them.

Consider Plant Colors

The type of garden that you plant in your container gardening can be edible, or simply something that you want to look at in your spare time. Aesthetics plays a large role in some people’s ability to garden, specifically in what they will or will not plant. Always keep a close eye on the color of the plants in that they should match the exterior or interior locations that you will place them in. Colors have an impact on people’s moods, and you can choose to have plants that are more energizing or tranquil. People that observe yellow or orange plants typically become more empowered and those that see peach or pink may feel calm and melancholy.

If you are just growing herbs or plants that you can eat or observe, respectively, this is no problem – just be courteous to those that may be sensitive to certain colors in a room. If you have never tried container gardening, there is really no excuse not to at least try it. If you have any experience with traditional gardening, you will probably find that container gardening is a lot easier. Even people who have never gardened before, however, can easily find a few pots or planters and plant some seeds and soon reap the rewards of a container garden.

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