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Keeping Your Household Healthy

Most people believe that they can shut away all of the air pollution and other bad stuff simply by closing the front door of their houses. In your own house, you manage what sort of air you breathe. Or, is that even achievable? The simple fact is that you will discover all sorts of pollutants that can infect the air of your home and increase your risk of respiratory problems and asthma. Part of this is because our houses are becoming more air tight, we have better windows and seals in an attempt to lower heating and cooling costs. Of course, you can’t blame it fully on just trying to save energy. Here are a number of the steps you can take to keep the air in your house as healthy as you can/want.

Always leave your sneakers outside if you can. If that’s not possible, leave them directly in your residence’s entry way. As you walk around outside-even in locations like malls and hospitals, your shoes pick up tons of nasty things. The bottoms of your boots and shoes get covered in mold, chemical compounds, bacteria, grime and dust. When you walk into your place with your shoes and boots on, you bring in these things and they get into the floors and carpets. It will stay there for a very long time, kicking up particles and such every time it’s disturbed. This means that besides staying in the floors, you kick it up into the air for you to breathe in. When you leave your shoes outside or within your home’s entry way, this risk gets lowered substantially, it’s really worth doing.

Another good but little known tip I can give you, would be not get your dry cleaning straight away. Let it sit at the cleaner’s for a couple of days. Dry cleaned clothing is dredged in substances that are terrible for you. Some of these substances are already known to lead to neurological damage and cancer. Before you bring your apparel home you have to make sure that they are completely dry. If your clothing isn’t all the way dry, you risk breathing in those same chemicals and, potentially, getting them on your skin. You could try to find a dry cleaner that uses non harmful and environmentally cleaning tactics and detergents, that would go a long way towards not only your health but that of the world overall.

Keep your property ventilated! Sure you had these double paned house windows set up to keep the air in your home at your ideal temperature. At the same time, leaving the home windows closed all the time requires you to continue inhaling all of the crap that gets kicked up throughout the day. The dust mites which get kicked up whenever you dust and vacuum can’t escape. The smoke and fumes from baking and frying items on your stove and in your oven-float around your house for you to breathe in. The vapor from your shower can seep into your walls creating mold to form which can then get breathed in and do serious damage to your health. Your fans turn on your fans from time to time just to stir things up and get air moving. Go ahead and open your windows at the same time, give your house a chance to breath! Give all of the dust and other stuff a chance to get outside.

There are lots of ways to help your house be healthier. Don’t forget: coming home will not mean that you physically turn out the world’s problems (literally). Take steps to make sure that your place actually is pollution free.

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