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Shipping Containers in Charlotte

Shipping containers have  many different uses. While most use these great, large metal boxes for storage or moving, others use them for mobile offices, off-site storage on job sites and more. Imagine the versatility of a shed you can transport on a single truck! Containers come in several sizes and provide solutions to many needs. You should consider one for your own belonging or business needs.

Container Sizes

Containers typically come in several sizes, including 10′, 20′, and 40′. We suggest the 20-foot variety. It’s a decent compact size while still being able to store thousands of pounds of goods if need be. The 10 foot variety works great for home use, and you could even set it up to be used as a walk-in shed. How convenient! Many people use the 40′ container for large machinery. We have also had many customers use their containers as mobile offices for employees who need a space to work in! A 20′ container or 40′ container will make a great mobile office or large storage space.

Storage Container Safety

You can always trust the safety and security of your storage container. You won’t have to worry about it holding up to human tampering or natural elements. It is completely ready to withstand anything it ends up having to endure while doing its duty as a reliable storage container! Did you know these containers can float in the ocean? You can trust the container to hold up through anything.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is very convenient for individuals and businesses. It is just nice to have the option to move your unit around easily. Storage containers are able to be placed on your property or worksite and moved as need be. Moving can really wear you out, but with additional moving tips you can make it easier. You will always have access to your container and be able to properly ship in when you need it sent off. Purchasing a container allows you to keep your belongings in it forever.

Charlotte Storage

Container storage is extremely popular these days. What are you waiting for? You can feel confident in your container purchase when you purchase yours from Charlotte shipping containers. Your new container will be able to hold your belongings or serve your business for many years to come.