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Handman Jobs and Services

If you have a lot of odd jobs that you need doing around the house then hiring a handyman can be a very good option. A handyman will often carry out a wide range of small jobs that other contractors do not want to do and these jobs can be carried out all around the home and garden. Some of the most common jobs that a handyman will carry out are listed below.

Handman Jobs

Painting & Decorating:

A handyman can help you with any redecorating tasks that you may need doing. If you supply the materials then they can put up wallpaper in your home. They will also be able to carry out painting work on the interior and exterior of your home. Some handymen may also extend their decorating services to include laying carpet or installing laminate or hardwood flooring. If a handyman does a lot of decorating work then he may be able to show you examples of his previous work.


There are also many jobs around the garden that a handyman can help you with. They may be able to clear your garden of weeds so that you are able to plant the flowers that you want. Some handymen offer services such as laying turf in your garden or building a small pathway. They could also help you build a shed or erect a greenhouse in your garden.


If there are carpentry jobs around the house that need doing but you are not confident about doing them yourself, then a handyman may be able to help. Their list of services can include everything from putting together flat pack furniture to building their own pieces of furniture themselves. Carpentry is a very specific skill and so this may not be a service that every handyman offers.


Some handymen will have access to pressure washers which can be used for many different cleaning jobs around the home. Pressure washers are very good at removing moss and other bits of debris from around your windows. They can also be used to clean driveways and patios. A window cleaning service may also be offered by some handymen.

Installation of Fencing & Gates:

Installing fencing and gates is another job that a handyman may be able to help you out with. They may be able to do a deal on the fencing if you order it through them which could save you some money. Having someone experienced install your fence means that it will often be done quicker than if you were to attempt it yourself. There may be a lot of digging involved to create the space that is needed for the posts to be installed.

Not all handymen will offer the same services so it is worth contacting them to find out whether they are able to do the service you require. You are likely to find that most handymen will turn their hand to anything and so even if a particular service is not advertised, it may still be something that they would consider.

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