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Carpet Cleaning Ideas Proven Effective

It’s not an everyday occurrence to think about the importance of cleaning your carpet. As a matter of fact, a lot of folks only realize their carpets need attention when they are having a family get-together. This may be only true, of course, only for single men! However, it’s really important to make it a habit to clean your carpets regularly. Of course, you don’t have to shampoo your carpets monthly, but you really do need to vacuum on a weekly basis. If vacuuming regularly isn’t something you do, then you need to begin – for your health and the cleanliness of your carpets.

Protect Your Investment

This carpet cleaning recommendation is more of a preventative action designed to help keep your carpets clean. If you have children or just a lot of traffic in your home, then simply place carpet runners in highly trafficked areas. They’re easy to find and are generally a carpet rectangle. The lengths will vary and can be found so you can use them where you need them. It’s easy to understand how this will benefit your carpet. The runners will bear the brunt of the traffic and will wear out before the carpet even gets touched. Take a close look at your carpets and see if some areas, such as the halls, have already started to show signs of wearing down. Anyway, runners are definitely something you should consider if you are interested in keeping your carpet intact for a longer period of time.

Vacuum Regularly

We stumbled across this interesting fact about carpets that are older than ten years, and thought we would share it with you. What you will find is they are very heavy if you roll them up and carry them out such as when the carpeting is changed. Of course, rugs are heavy when they are new, but their weight increases over time. The dirt they accumulate is the reason for the gain in weight. Even a carpet that does not necessarily look like it has standing dirt has it ground and rubbed into the carpeting. People in the carpet industry confirm this and we thought you might find it interesting. You can understand why you need a strong vacuum cleaner and, if yours isn’t, you should replace it so you can vacuum your rugs thoroughly during the week.

Are their pets in your home? Then you, no doubt, are very concerned with their well-being and take good care of them. Keep the health and comfort of your pets in mind when it comes time to clean your carpets. A majority of the rug shampoos that you will find at the store will be hazardous to use around your pets due to the chemicals they contain. There are some carpet shampoos that claim to be safe for pets, but I would be careful of these claims. If you check the labels and know the reputation of the manufacturer, you may decide that a certain product is, indeed, OK to use around your pets. The alternative is to do carpet steam cleaning, and of course one of the marketing points is that it is totally pet safe.

The basic cleaning techniques you may need to keep a carpet clean are one of the things you should give serious thought to when choosing new carpets for your home. Without a doubt, you can’t beat the elegance of white or cream colored carpeting. They really add a touch of class to the homes we have been in with this type of carpeting. However, the owners were so paranoid about it getting dirty that they did not want people walking on it. We think that is not quite right, but hey – that is their home and their carpeting.

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